Caboodle makes saving, organizing, and sharing your favorite items just as fun as finding them. Create an account to start organizing finds from across the web or sharing your favorites with your followers and fans. 

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Scrolling through social media or shopping online and seeing something you’re interested in buying, but not quite ready to buy is something we all can relate to. Maybe it’s a gift idea for a loved one or the perfect rug to tie your room together, how do you make sure that these finds are easy to save and find again later? 

In the past, you’d have to like the social media post or save a website bookmark to keep it handy for the future, but now saving, organizing, and sharing these finds is just a screenshot away. 

Save It 

Forget the web of bookmarks, spreadsheets, and Instagram likes of the past. Caboodle lets you save items from across the web in one place so you can easily find them again later.

Simply take a screenshot of the product or item you want to save and your find will automatically be stored in your Caboodle account. 

Organize It

Once saved in your Caboodle, you can group your saves for easy accessibility and organization. Whether you’re saving wardrobe inspo or decor ideas for your new place, Caboodle lets you group and organize your finds. 

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Share It

It would be a shame to keep all those great finds to yourself. When you organize your saves, you also get the option to share them with your friends or family. 

Come Together

Caboodle isn’t just about saving stuff you find, it’s about exploring other items shared by influencers and people who share your interests. Caboodle lets you follow other accounts, which helps you discover even more things that you’ll love. 

Affiliates and Influencers 

Caboodle also makes it easy to get paid when people buy products you promote. Simply link your Caboodle account with your PayPal account and you’re good to go. 

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Our Team

Caboodle was founded by Erin Eischeid, founder and owner of Blond Genius Boutique, her husband Brandon, a freelance web developer, and Danielle Seifert, a realtor in Iowa. 

They wanted to find a way to save all of the great stuff they find across the internet in an intuitive, easy to use app that not only saves the items but makes them easier to find and organize. 

Caboodle is a tool for everyone. A way to keep track of the great stuff you find online while adding some much-needed organization and harmony in your life.